If you have any questions, have some ideas, or found a bug, please contact us at cgshop-admin@ibr.cs.tu-bs.de. You will hear from us within 48 hours. Feedback is really important to us in order to prioritize our limited resources to the things that actually matter to you.

How does it work?

Please note that we are still working on finishing the overall system. Things may still change.

1. Choose a competition.

There are announced competitions, running competitions, and past competitions. Later are only for archive purpose. Running competitions allow active participation, announced competitions are as the named says only announced and will become running at a specified date.

2. Read the description carefully.

Read the problem description and competition guideline. Also read on instance and solution format. You will mostly be required to upload zips which are then verified on the server.

3. Create a user account if you don't have one yet

User accounts are valid indefinitely and can be used to participate in arbitrary competitions. We value your privacy and made as many things optional as possible. However, we are happy if you tell us who you are.

4. Create or join a team

To participate in a challenge, you have to be in a team. This can be a private team with only you or a large group. You can be in multiple teams and also change teams any time you want. Team members can be added or removed if you click on 'Edit' in the team overview of the competition. Teams are competition based and have to be recreated for every competition.

5. Upload your solutions

Put your solutions in a ZIP and press on the 'Subission' button in the challenge. You are then asked to select the team you want to upload for. Select the zip and wait until you get a message (depending on the size of your upload, this might take some time). Please keep the zips as small as possible to speed up the process. Too large files might even be rejected.

6. Wait for verification

After upload, your submission will be verified. This can take some minutes. Every team member will receive a notification (see the bell symbol at the top). Note that the whole submission might be rejected if there is any problem detected. Try your best to make sure, all solutions in a submission are valid (or split the critical solutions up into separate submissions).